Section 8 Forms

Section 8 Forms

Greene Metro Housing

Click the form or forms below to download and print.  Then mail or stop by our office to get your process started.

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Landlord Forms

  1. Affidavit of Property Ownership
  2. Direct Deposit Authorization Form
  3. Landlord Change
  4. Landlord Change of Address
  5. Prospective Landlord Packet
  6. Unit Amenities and Information
  7. W9

Client Forms

Change Reporting Form - This form must be attached to all changes.

  1. Addtional Persons Packet
  2. Administrative Hearing Procedure
  3. Affidavit of Charitable Income
  4. Affidavit of Self Employment
  5. Affidavit of Zero Income
  6. Continued Occupancy Form
  7. Declaration of Citizenship
  8. Decrease of Family Composition
  9. EIV Disclose
  10. Hardship Waiver of Minimum Rent
  11. HUD 1141 Information
  12. HUD 92006
  13. HUD Release of Information
  14. HUD VAWA
  15. Intent to Vacate
  16. Live in Aide Questionnaire
  17. Notarized Statement Form Tips
  18. Reasonable Accommodation Authorization
  19. Reasonable Accommodation Request
  20. Release of Information
  21. Request for Hearing
  22. Verification of Adult Student Status
  23. Verification of Bank Account
  24. Verification of Child Care Expenses
  25. Verification of Child Support Alimony
  26. Verification of Disability
  27. Verification of Employment Income
  28. Verification of Regular Contributions
  29. Verification of Veterans Benefits
  30. Verification of Zero Income
  31. Voucher Extension Request

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