Wise Manor

Wise Manor

Greene Metro Housing

Lease to Own Homes

The (10) three-bedroom lease-to-own homes located in Xenia, Ohio were sold to the residents.  The houses are located in a quiet residential setting. The original contract period for these homes was fifteen years. At the end of the fifteen years, the families had the option to purchase the home.

Families who were housed were required to attend budgeting workshops and home maintenance classes. Once housed, and for the duration of their lease term, families paid a flat rent. This rental amount was subject to adjustments.

Wise Manor Townhouses

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Wise Manor has (8) two-bedroom townhouse units that were purchased by Sensible Shelter to provide housing for low income families. These townhomes are located in a quiet residential setting in Xenia, Ohio. Families interested in these town homes should apply at the GMHA office. GMHA manages the units.

Families who are receiving Section 8 assistance may use their voucher for these units. The town homes have a flat rent of $450.00, which is subject to adjustment. The family's portion of the rent is based on their income if they are receiving Section 8 assistance. Otherwise, families are required to pay the full rental amount and utilities. The townhouses have central air conditioning.