Public Housing

Public Housing

Greene Metro Housing

GMHA prides ourselves on the quality of housing it provides.

Family units are dispersed throughout Greene County, which makes the residents feel like a part of the community, and not targeted as low-income households.

GMHA owns 361 public housing units in five communities in the Greene County area. We offer 24-hour maintenance support to all our units.

maggie smResidents of GMHA's Public Housing program are encouraged to get involved in a number of our different programs and services.  Families and individuals can participate in the Resident Initiatives Program.

This program provides on-the-job training so that residents can learn a new skill. The benefit of this program is the income you received is not counted toward rent. This gives residents an opportunity to save money and gain valuable experience.

Family Units
GMHA has a full-time social worker on staff who works closely with residents to ensure that they have a full understanding of GMHA's polices and services.

Family Housing Yellow Springs, OhioThe Social Worker is also available to all GMHA residents to assist with resolving problems as well as to promote self-sufficiency. The Social Worker serves as an advocate for residents who need assistance. They provide support and encouragement for residents who need assistance with accomplishing their goals.

GMHA is committed to providing a safe environment. Our staff works closley with local police to ensure that GMHA has a strong and committed presence in their community.

Eldery Units
GMHA operates four elderly and disabled sites. One complex has a common entrance with an intercom system. Maggie McKnight ApartmentsOther complexes have neighborhood watch programs and meet regularly with the local police department.

A Resident Advisory Board is available for both our family residents and for our elderly residents. Representatives from each area of Greene County meet to discuss policy changes, upcoming improvements, activities and other items pertaining to resident housing.