Greene Metro Housing

When will I receive assistance?

housing FAQ GMHA cannot estimate when you will receive assistance. We do follow a point system based on your preference points. Vouchers, or units become available when people currently on our programs move out.  Quick and efficient response to our mailings ensures you get on the waiting list promptly!

Does GMHA offer Emergency Housing?

No, however, please contact us for Greene County resources. 

What is gross income?

The total of your income before taxes.

Can I apply for both waiting lists?

Yes, in fact we suggest getting on both waiting lists. There is no way to know which program will have housing available first.

What if I do not have two landlord references?

We need the landlord references for the public housing program only. We will take into consideration professional community references such as your caseworker, your supervisor, or ex-supervisor, your minister, your doctor or your teacher. A professional reference cannot be related to the applicant.

waiting listHow will I know my position on the waiting list?

We cannot tell where anyone is on the waiting list until each time we run a waiting list. GMHA can only verify your preference points because new applicants are constantly being added to the waiting list with different point totals.

How will I be notified?

You will be notified in writing when you are placed on the waiting lists. You will be notified by phone or mail when assistance is available to you.

What if my living situation changes while I am on the waiting list?

It is important that you report all changes in your living conditions in writing while you are on the waiting list. The changes can affect your points.

Can I choose where I live?

With the Section 8 voucher you can choose where you live. In the Public Housing Program, GMHA has only a community-wide waiting list. You will be offered the first unit available when you reach the top of the waiting list.

Do I need a security deposit?

For the public housing program you will need to pay a security deposit equal to 1 months rent or $50.00; whichever is greater.  Elderly Minimum of $200 up to the rent amount. Family Minimum of $250 up to the rent amount. For Section 8 program, the security deposit is dependent on the Landlord/Property Owner.